Sleep Medicine

Sleep Medicine focuses on children who have issues staying asleep at night, falling asleep at night or remaining wide awake during the day.  Not only does it improves your child's quality of life, Sleep is also critical in ensuring better mental development, in particular - attention span & learning/memory skills.

There are many different possibilities as to why your child refuse to sleep or cannot stay awake. There are medical conditions such as sleep-disordered breathing, restless legs syndrome or narcolepsy which may occur in some children. More common environmental/psychological factors such as family expectations, uncomfortable environment or stress which may contribute to a child's sleep problems.

As you would feel slightly more irritable due to lack of sleep, do understand that children would feel the same and may act out differently. Always keep your cool and monitor your child's sleep habits if you feel that there's a sleep problem.

Thomson Paediatric Centre values high importance in your child's psychological development, physical and mental health. Our Paediatricians were once first time parents like yourself, going through a stage of tears and fears. We encourage you to speak to your paediatrician on every concern you may have so as to educate yourself and make informed choices on raising a bright and healthy child.

Dr Theodric Lee
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