Paediatric Cardiology

Paediatric Cardiology is a subspecialty of paediatrics that focuses on heart-related conditions in infants and children.

Life-threatening heart conditions in infants may be diagnosed by the obstetrician before the delivery of your child or right after delivery as part of the check-up. Through a routine examination with a stethoscope, the paediatrician will listen to the infant's heartbeat and may detect a heart murmur. Although most heart murmurs aren't life threatening, the paediatrician/paediatric cardiologist may require the infant to undergo specific tests to ascertain a clean bill of health.

Infants will heart conditions will require special attention immediately upon diagnosis. As no medical condition will exactly be the same, the Paediatric Cardiologist will assess the situation and provide the appropriate treatments available to ensure the child's well-being beyond their infancy.

Thomson Paediatric Centre values high importance in your child's psychological development, physical and mental health. Our Paediatricians were once first time parents like yourself, going through a stage of tears and fears. We encourage you to speak to your paediatrician on every concern you may have so as to educate yourself and make informed choices on raising a bright and healthy child.

Dr Yang Linqi
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