When an infant is born, they typically have delicate skin that have never been exposed to our world. From then to age 12, through playtime and going to school, they would be exposed to things like dust mites, pet fur, plant pollen, insect bites etc. It could also come in a form of dietary reaction e.g. Eggs, Dairy, Nuts etc

During their formative years, it is important to monitor your child's skin condition and uncover any problems. Your paediatrician will provide you with the necessary education or refer you to an appropriate specialist, helping you to prepare and manage this problem. We emphasize that you should continuously keep yourself updated, to greatly aid your child and yourself in having an improved quality of life.

Commons conditions seen in children could be atopic eczema that are scaly, itchy & reddish rashes that are visible on the face, neck, underarms, elbows and knees. It is a vexing condition for both parent & child, in part due to "flares" (a sudden break out of rashes). We recommend you to see your paediatrician for a diagnosis and to ensure that they receive early appropriate treatment.

Thomson Paediatric Centre values high importance in your child's psychological development, physical and mental health. Our Paediatricians were once first time parents like yourself, going through a stage of tears and fears. We encourage you to speak to your paediatrician on every concern you may have so as to educate yourself and make informed choices on raising a bright and healthy child.

Dr Ang Ai Tin
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