About Thomson Paediatric Centre

Parents understand the experience of taking care of your baby. The sleepless night spent breastfeeding, the helplessness when you don’t know why the baby cries and the joy in your heart when your baby smiles. Our passion for children healthcare is that We Are Parents Too.

Every parent values their child's psychological development, physical and mental health. Our team of Thomson Paediatricians are committed to looking after your child like our own and provide quality children health services. Our core mission is to allay every parent's worry by caring for your next generation.

Thomson Paediatric Centre is a member of our parent, Thomson Medical Group. Through the Group, our Paediatricians are constantly updated on the latest medical research and advanced technologies to provide your child with the appropriate medical care and advice.

Apart from offering General Paediatrics, commonly sought specialist services such as Neonatology and Paediatric Cardiology are also available. Between our doctors, they have vast experience related to Nutrition, Sleep, Respiratory, Emergency & Intensive Care treatments for young children.

Friendly Thomson Paediatricians are conveniently located all around Singapore to take care of your child from birth to adolescence, ensuring that every child will receive quality health services that we commit to provide.